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Programme overview


The IMEG PhD covers 5 curricula on wide area of ​​topics for industrial applications with particular reference to:
  • Mechanics Applied to Machines
  • Measurements
  • Industrial Design and Construction of Machines
  • Drawings and Methods of Industrial Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Materials Science and Technology
  • Industrial and Environmental Technical Physics
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Technologies and Processing Systems
  • Industrial Mechanical and Economic-Management
  • Financial Engineering

Also interdisciplinary methodologies are offered for advanced and autonomous research skills, through a methodological training and specialist on innovative scientific topics.

Learning objectives

The training courses are divided into five learning outcomes:
  • Mechanics, Measurements and Materials (MMM)
  • Technical Physics (FT)
  • Technologies and Plants (IT)
  • Economics and Management (EG)
  • Robotis and Mechatronics (RM - international curriculum)
Some general aspects are also developed:
  • mathematical, physical-chemical and IT studies
  • research management and protection of intellectual property
  • other transversal skills such as ability to speak in public and paper writing

Career perspectives

Doctoral courses in Italy are the academic reference for the training of young people who intend to pursue university and research careers. Recent studies (DOXA) on the employment situation of our PhDs show excellent satisfaction in industry about our PhDs. Among PhD IMEG doc doctorates 5% is university professor, 30% continues as a research fellow, 40% is employed in industrial or professional work, about 15% in public institutions.

The main sectors are:
  • civil and industrial plant engineering
  • energy systems
  • management systems
  • robotics
  • mechatronics
  • machine construction


Info 2020/21

Durata e crediti
• Economia e gestione
Valutazione per titoli e colloquio
• Meccanica, misure e materiali
Valutazione per titoli e colloquio
• Meccanica, misure e materiali - bando settembre
Valutazione per titoli e colloquio
• Robotics and mechatronics
Valutazione per titoli e colloquio
• Robotics and mechatronics - bando settembre
Valutazione per titoli e colloquio
• Tecnologie e impianti
Valutazione per titoli
• Tecnologie e impianti - bando settembre
Valutazione per titoli
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Luca Antonio Tagliafico
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Head of programme

Luca Antonio Tagliafico
Welcome to the PhD programme in Mechanical, energy and management engineering.

We are committed to support PhD students in all of their activities, laboratory, individual discussions and international collaborations. Our PhD specialization curricula face all major challenges and continuous advancement for human being. Research and technological development are our main goals. We want you to become part of this development.

Luca Antonio Tagliafico
Head of Programme

International collaborations

This is a short list of institution in collaboration with us:
  • Tianjin University (China)
  • Techniche universitat Iimenau (Germany)
  • Leibniz Universitt Hannover (Germany)
  • Kings college London, University of London (United Kingdom)
  • CERTH - Center for Research and Techology (Greece)
  • Vytautas Magnus University - Kaunas (lithuania)
  • UASLP - Universidad autonama de San Luis Potosì (Mexico)
  • University of Twente (Netherlands)
  • Universidad Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Bauman Moscow State technical university (Russian Federation)
  • Chalmers university of technology (Sweden)

Dedicated website

To learn more, please visit the dedicated PhD course website.