Ingegneria dei modelli, delle macchine e dei sistemi per l'energia, l'ambiente e i trasporti

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The PhD programme is organized in two curricula:
  • Engineering of machines and systems for energy, the environment and propulsion
  • Mathematical engineering and simulations

The research topics of the first curriculum concern energy production, and aeronautics propulsion. They are experimental, numerical and theoretical in nature. The topics covered present important connections with transport systems, with modeling aspects related with Mathematical Physics, and numerical processing, control theory and signal processing.

The research topics for the second one are so many and you can check them at the Dedicated website.


Info 2020/21

Degree type
Duration and credits
• Ingegneria delle macchine e dei sistemi per l'energia, l'ambiente e la propulsione
Evaluation on supporting documents
• Ingegneria matematica e simulazione
Evaluation on supporting documents
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Head of programme
Roberto Cianci
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Head of programme

Roberto Cianci
Welcome to the PhD programme in Model, Machine and Systems Engineering for Energy, Environment and Transport.

Roberto Cianci
Head of Programme

Dedicated website

To learn more, please visit the dedicated PhD course website.