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Graduates in Computer Engineering show a solid methodological foundation and a high professional qualification and are able to operate effectively in a wide variety of application sectors and support companies and consumers with the development of IT solutions in all economic and production areas of our society.

There is enormous potential in the professional field and endless opportunities to make your talent shine.

Learning by doing

Teaching includes traditional lessons and laboratory activities.

Career perspectives

The possibilities are many: designer, manager, professional consultant, entrepreneur. The employment positions for a computer engineer are in public or private companies, in the most varied production or service sectors, including: 

  • hardware and software production
  • information systems and computer networks
  • production of multimedia services and electronic commerce    
  • IT services in the public administration, for health and leisure 

... and many others


Freshers 2021/22

Degree type
Master degree
Duration and credits
Computer systems engineering
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Taxes and fees
From 0 to 3000 euros per year. Find out if you are entitled to scholarships and exemptions
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Head of programme
Michele Aicardi
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What you will learn

  • Software platforms

    software platforms, web applications and services

  • Artificial Intelligence

    knowledge representation, automatic reasoning

  • Human-computer interfaces

    Man-machine interface: design and development

  • Machine Learning

    data analysis and mining

  • Computer Security

    cryptography, security protocols

  • Cyber-physical systems

    identification, control, embedded systems

  • Industrial systems

    production planning and control, logistic systems

  • Software engineering

    development, verification and testing

Did you know that...

  • There is the possibility of obtaining a double-degree in connection with University of Compiegne and the University of Cataluna


The course trains graduates with solid methodological foundations and with high professional qualifications in the area of ​​IT engineering, able to operate effectively in the numerous application sectors that require their skills. 

There are 4 curricula, namely: 

  • Software platforms and cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence and Human Centered Computing
  • Industrial Informatics
  • Cyber-physical systems

Head of programme

Michele Aicardi
Computer engineering is the merge of two of the most professionally important words of the present and future: engineering, with its interdisciplinary characteristics, ability to approach and solve even the most complex problems and computer science, the most pervasive, disruptive and innovative discipline of our time. The master computer engineer has the tools to be able to operate in any technological sector.  

Michele Aicardi
Head of Programme

Where to find us

Dipartimento di Informatica, Bioingegneria, Robotica e Ingegneria dei Sistemi - DIBRIS
Ufficio Didattica
Viale Francesco Causa 13
16145 Genova

Aule laboratori e uffici dei docenti
Via All'Opera Pia 13
16145 Genova

Come raggiungerci
Dall'aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo
Dalla stazione ferroviaria di Genova Brignole
Dalla stazione ferroviaria di Genova Principe
Dal casello autostradale di Genova Ovest
Dal casello autostradale di Genova Nervi

Success stories

Clarissa Molfino
Mi sono laureata in Ingegneria informatica il 24 luglio 2015. Ricordo bene quel giorno, un giorno che da un lato ha messo fine a un percorso di studi molto intenso e appassionante, ma allo stesso tempo ha aperto le porte a una nuova vita, impegnativa, emozionante e pazzesca.

Clarissa Molfino

Subito dopo il conseguimento della laurea magistrale sono entrata in Microsoft. Sicuramente nella prima fase il mio background fortemente tecnico è stato fondamentale, dovendo lavorare con sviluppatori e startup. Era però solo l'inizio: da lì ho avuto la grande possibilità di imparare e sperimentare, ricoprendo diversi ruoli relativi soprattutto allo sviluppo del business e allontanandomi un po' dall'ambito strettamente tecnologico. Le soft skills e la capacità di affrontare le sfide con grinta e serenità, sviluppate durante gli studi all'università, mi hanno permesso di crescere molto, accogliendo con il sorriso ogni cambiamento e vivendo quotidianamente il sogno che quel 24 luglio mi faceva brillare gli occhi.
Serena Ponta
After receiving my M.Eng. in Computer Engineering from the University of Genova I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematical Engineering and Simulation from the same university.

Serena Ponta
SAP Security Research

During my time as Ph.D. student at the AI-Lab (now CSecLab) I was given the great opportunity to work in the context of a European project, to attend international conferences, and to closely collaborate with an industrial partner, SAP SE, the world's leading provider of business software solutions. As a result of this successful collaboration I joined SAP Security Research in Sophia Antipolis (France) where I am now a senior researcher working on innovative security solutions.
Federico Camarda
The MSc in Computer Engineering at the University of Genoa gave the right start to my career. It began developing my background theoretical knowledge at a competitive level both in Complex Systems and Computer Science field.

Federico Camarda
R&D engineer presso Groupe Renault

It then internationally enriched me with the double degree program EMECIS (collaboration with Sorbonne University). It, finally, introduced me to the world of autonomous vehicles with an internship at the Heudiasyc Laboratory. Currently, I am working as a R&D engineer at Groupe Renault while pursuing my Ph.D. and studying perception sensors for autonomous navigation. I thank the University of Genoa for all these opportunities and its guidance in the definition of the path of my future.

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Elena Tortora
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Daniela Peghini
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