Maritime science and technology
Bachelor degree

Admission criteria and procedure

Admission criteria

This is a programmed number of bachelor course. To enroll in this course you must have a high school diploma and you have to take an admission test.

Enroll in UniGe and sign up for the test

Application for admission to the competition

You must submitted the application for admission to the competition no later than 12.00 noon (CEST) on 2 September 2021 exclusively through the procedure provided on the University of Genoa's student portal.

At the end of the procedure the system will issue a receipt proving that the application has been correctly registered for the competition. After this deadline it will no longer be possible to register for the competition.

By 12.00 noon (CEST) on 3 September 2021 you must pay, under penalty of exclusion from the competition, the contribution for admission to the competition of € 30,00 (thirty/00 Euro), according to one of the methods proposed at the dedicated page.

Payment of the admission fee alone does not constitute registration for the competition. The fee is not refundable except in the case double/incorrect payment is ascertained.

Applications for registration to the competition sent by post or other means of transmission will not be accepted.

Are you a non-EU candidate living abroad? 

Non-EU candidates residing abroad are admitted to the competition on the basis of the pre-enrolment application submitted on the Universitaly portal and subsequent online pre-enrolment on the University of Genoa student portal. They must contact the Foreign Students Reception Sector (SASS) by email by 12 noon (CEST) on 5 July 2021 in order to check their foreign qualification and how to pay the admission fee.

EU and non-EU applicants resident in Italy with a foreign qualification must pre-register online on the University of Genoa's Student Portal and contact the Foreign Students Reception Sector (SASS) email by 12 noon (CEST) on 5 July 2021 to verify the foreign qualification.

Read the call

To find out all the information needed, please read carefully admission call (Italian version).

Take the test

Take the admission test.

Complete the enrollment

Enroll in the course

If you've passed the test and you're on the ranking please complete your enrollment:

If you are successfully placed in the respective rankings you must enrol by 12 noon (CEST) on 30 September 2021, using only the online enrolment procedure on the Student Portal.

The application will be valid only if all stages of the procedure have been completed within the deadline set out above:

  • selection of the degree course
  • payment of the first instalment of the student contribution consisting of the regional tax and € 16.00 - euro sixteen/00 (for stamp duty)
  • in case of application for the ALISEO grant, exclusive payment of € 16,00 - euro sixteen/00 (for stamp duty)
  • payment of a further € 16,00 - € 16,00 (for stamp duty) in case of change of course/withdrawal from studies and payment of any back taxes.
    Payment methods other than those indicated at the dedicated link are not allowed.

N.B. Not enrolling by the deadline means that the enrolment is cancelled.

If you are a student already enrolled in another course of study at the University of Genoa or at another university as undergraduates, you may enrol "under condition", within the deadlines and using the same procedures as for enrolment.

Enrolment is only confirmed if the degree is obtained by 30 November 2021 at the latest.


The admission test lasts 90 minutes and consists of solving 50 multiple-choice questions on:

  • General and maritime culture - 10 questions
  • Logic and mathematics - 20 questions
  • Knowledge of English - 20 questions

To find out the dates and details of the test, please visit the Admission test section of the course.

The safety/IMO courses are not mandatory but are evaluated as an additional score as described in the call.