Computer Science
Master course (2 years)

Other mobility programmes

CINDA Programme

What is it?

Thanks to the CINDA exchange programme, you have the opportunity to study at the best national universities in Central and South America.The University of Genoa provides a contribution to encourage this and other mobility programmes.

How to apply

If you want to participate, check out the:

Bando per 35 Borse per l'A.A. 2018/2019 (primo semestre) - scaduto il 23/02/2018

How to submit an application

The Foreign Students Reception Sector (SASS) transmits the applications to the partner universities and the documentation as indicated in the Bando twice a year (approximately February and October).You can also check on the website of the foreign university of your choice, if additional documentation is required or if you need to pre-register online.On this page you will find the list of universities participating in the network.

For more informations

If you need more information please contact Prof. Mario Rocca.

Summer School in Europe

Le summer school sono corsi organizzati da università o altri enti di alta formazione. Riguardano i più svariati ambiti, si svolgono durante la pausa estiva o la pausa invernale e possono durare da pochi giorni ad alcune settimane.

Per maggiori informazioni vista il dedicato.