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Ocean Race Workshop in Genoa

16/06/2021 - 19/06/2021

The Ocean Race

From Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th June 2021 will be held the Ocean Race in Genoa workshop - "Glossario Blu. A collection of words to tell about the sea, sailing, the ocean, Genoa", curated by M. De Ferrari and L. Arrighi.

The event is dedicated to a first collection of words to tell the blue world, its past stories and its current challenges. The "Blue Glossary" is a collective, multilingual, open project.

The workshop is open to a maximum of 15 students and will take place at the Magazzini dell'Abbondanza at the Porto Antico.

To learn more read the attached pdf and visit the useful link.

For more information send an email to Prof. Silvia Pericu (

N.B. Ask the credit committee of your course to know if participating in the workshop will give you 1 CFU.