Computer Science
Master course (2 years)

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Programme overview


The Master of Science in Computer Science is centered on Data Science & Engineering.

The backbone of the program is constitued by three core units on advanced data management, machine learning, and high performance computing. Leveraging on the expertise of our faculty, the rest of the program is organised in four tracks: Business Intelligence, Health & Life Sciences, Pervasive Computing, and Visual Computing.

Learning by doing

The program blends traditional classes with:

  • Labs activities and projects development, possibly in collaboration with the industry
  • Internship in the industry or in a research lab
  • seminars and short courses on selected topics

Career perspectives

Graduates qualify as senior data scientist, senior computer scientist, or pursue studies toward a PhD in Computer Science.

Quick facts

Quick facts

Degree type
Master course (2 years)
Duration and credits
Computer science
Free access
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Taxes and fees
From 0 to 3000 euros per year. Find out if you are entitled to scholarships and exemptions
International partnerships
Student exchange
Head of programme
Alessandro Verri

What you will learn

  • advanced data management

    manage and organize large amount of heterogenous data

  • machine learning

    extract information and new knowledge from data

  • high performance computing

    develop algorithms for parallel and distributed computing

  • data visualization

    visualize and make use of the information extracted from data

  • security and privacy

    data protection and privacy

  • internet of things

    data governance in the interconnected world

  • business analytics

    boost performances and enterprise planning with data

  • visual computing

    process signals and infer knowledge from images and 3D data

  • biomedical data science

    process signals and infer knowledge from biomedical data

Did you know that...

  • easy access to the job market
  • multi-disciplinary and team work is encouraged
  • chance to attend seminars and short-courses on hot topics
  • experience an informal atmosphere and work side-by-side with faculty and staff
  • join a truly international environment, with students from all over the world
  • meet leading scientists from academia and companies


Data as an opportunity

We are witnessing the acquisition of an unprecedented amount of digital data available to virtually all human endeavours. Technologies based on the intelligent use of these data will be increasingly pervasive and likely to lead to great changes in our everyday life.

The know-how and competence required to effectively manage and analyse data is pivotal in the development of technologies able to support experts in the process of decision making, or to improve the quality of life by producing smarter and smarter systems or by delivering better services.

Data science and engineering

You will learn:

  • data modeling and knowledge extraction
  • heterogeneous, complex and noisy data analytics
  • how to interact with domain experts and understand their problems and demands

Head of programme

Alessandro Verri
Become an expert in Data Science and Engineering, while experiencing our friendly and inclusive atmosphere and sharing our enthusiasm for learning. Welcome to the Master of Science in Computer Science @UniGe. Our community - students, faculty, teaching assistants, and staff - strives for blending educational and research programs. Become an expert in the emerging field of Data Science and Engineering, while experiencing our friendly and inclusive atmosphere and sharing our enthusiasm for learning.

Alessandro Verri
Head of Programme

Student support

Open Day

In the Open Days, our program is open to visitors and prospective students. During Open Days you will have the chance to visit our labs, attend seminars on selected topics and on the structure of our program. For more details, send an email to

Where to find us

Valletta Puggia
Via Dodecaneso, 35
16146 Genova GE

Success stories

Alessandra Staglianò
I studied Computer Science at the University of Genova and now I work in London as a Data Scientist. As a Data Science consultant, my day to day job consists in manipulating and analysing large datasets in order to help my clients improving their decision making.

Alessandra Staglianò
data scientist @ASI Data Science, London UK

For instance, I build Machine Learning models to predict whether a person is going to be a high value customer for a business, or to analyse tweets to understand the hot topics influencers in some areas are talking about. During my time at UniGe, I have been studying Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and that is the reason why today I am doing this job. All the various courses I have been studying during my undergrad were useful to build solid foundations: I am thinking to Maths and Programming in particular, but in general everything was useful. Even if I am not a DB admin, I find very useful to know SQL, for example. I have nothing but good memories about those years. Not only the subjects and the courses were very interesting, the environment was extremely friendly.

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If you want to know more about our program, please get in touch with our student orientation committee by sending an email to