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What it is 

The traineeship, or stage, is a period of orientation and training, carried out in a work context, public or private, to facilitate your entry into the world of work.

The traineeship is required, please read your degree programme table to check the CFU number and the corresponding hours.


UniGe, as the promoter, provides insurance against accidents at work with INAIL and, for civil liability, with insurance companies operating in the sector.

Traineeship offers

Check the traineeship opportunities on the UniGe Student Curriculum Activities website.

To consult the extracurricular internship and job offers, please consult the Demand/Offer Crossing Platform.

Still couldn't find a suitable internship for you? Take advantage of the job orientation services offered by UniGe.

How to activate a curricular internship


To activate the internship:

  1. Contact the referent for the traineeships of your course
  2. Agree with the company contact person (company tutor) and with the university tutor (a professor of your course of study)
  3. Invites the Company to register on the Student Curricular Activities Portal: Internships and Thesis. Then start the necessary procedures for the internship.
    N.B. The User Manuals are available on the home page of the Portal. For assistance in using the Platform write to

The company tutor will:

  • introduce you to the work environment
  • encourage your ambition
  • evaluate your path and the achievement of training objectives at the end of the experience

End of traineeship

At the end of the internship period you have to submit the following documents to the Student Desk:

  • declaration by the company stating the training period and the indication of the successful conclusion

  • foglio ore compilato e firmato da te e dal tutor aziendale
  • modulo ore compilato e firmato da te e dal tutor aziendale

Substitutive activities

If you had work experience or voluntary activities that are "in line" with the objectives of the traineeship provided by your degree course, you can request that these activities be recognised as "substitutes" for the traineeship. You have to submit the following documents to the Student Desk:

  • a request for recognition addressed to the Degree Course Council
  • certification of the company or association where you have worked or you are still working, signed by the legal representative, in which the professional function performed is explicitly mentioned
  • detailed report on the activity, skills, knowledge and competences that you believe have been acquired and indicating the relationship between the university study and work practice; this report, signed by you, must be countersigned by the legal representative of the company

All the documentation will be examined by the Traineeship Committee, which will approve or reject your application.

You have to submitte all the documentation by the middle of each month in order to obtain, in case of a positive evaluation by the appropriate committee, the registration of the traineeship in the first days of the following month.

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General contacts

Traineeship Sector
Piazza della Nunziata, 6 (3rd floor)
Tel. +39 010 20951846


Laura Tropiano
010 335 6559
Via Montallegro 1 (in Villa Cambiaso park), room facing Aula A7

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Extracurricular internship (postlauream)

Have you graduated? Visit the dedicated page to get all the necessary information about the extracurricular internship and its activation.