Engineering technology for strategy and security - Strategos
Master degree

Prerequisites assessment

How it works 

The prerequisite assessment aimed at ascertaining the general knowledge of you with particular reference to:

  • technical-scientific background based on your Bachelor's degree (e.g. Degree in Electronics Engineering, Degree in Mechanics, etc.)
  • basic knowledge of the specific degree you have obtained and of the activities carried out in the field and/or in the Company, including your thesis
  • basic knowledge on modeling, simulation, data analytics, AI and Machine Learning on application cases
  • problem solving skills
  • ability to hypothesize the use of new technological solutions in the application field
  • ability to deal with new contexts
  • predisposition to work in a transdisciplinary and international environment

The adequacy of English language level, for students without a B2 certification, will be evaluated through interview by a Committee

Where and when

The tests will take place:

  • Monday 7 September 2020
  • Monday 28 September 2020
  • Thursday 5 November 2020
  • Thursday 28 January 2021
  • Monday 1 March 2021