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Outgoing Erasmus+ traineeship

Foreign language courses for outgoing students

Essential information

What is it?

Erasmus + for placement purposes is an opportunity for students and recent graduates to complete a placement period in public or private companies, training or research centres in a member EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey.


You can subscribe to the program if:

  • you are regularly enrolled at the University of Genoa
  • you have not been awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship during your studies or you have been awarded one for a maximum of 9 months
  • you are not benefitting from a Community contribution under any other mobility scheme (e.g. Joint Master Degree)

N.B. You must carefully check, at your teaching facility, if there are any prerequisites and the conditions for each activity.

How long can you stay?

Your Erasmus can have a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum duration of 12 months.

Get in contact with your Internationalisation Tutor to set the exact dates of your stay.

Partner institutions

Check the manifesto Erasmus: you may find the list of partner institutions.

Partner institutions (independent choice)

You may participate in the Erasmus+ traineeship program also with a partner institution of your choice. You will have to:

  • find the partner institution
  • find a responsible person among the teaching staff of your department
  • write a letter of intent, get it signed from the responsible person in UniGe and in the partner institution. Remember that it must be attached to the application form

Keep in mind that the eligible partner institutions are:

  • higher education institutions holding an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education
  • any public or private organization active in the labor market or in areas such as education, training and youth
  • any non-profit organization or NGO
  • an organization for occupational guidance, professional advice or counseling services

You cannot choose as your destination:

  • EU institutions and other EU bodies including specialized agencies. The complete list is available at
  • organizations managing EU programs, such as National Agencies (to avoid possible conflicts of interest and/or double funding)

How to find an internship in Europe

Platforms and sites are available to locate a location independently, including:

  • is the place where interns and internships meet. Here students that would like to do an internship abroad can have their profiles online, search for internships and apply. On the other hand, Companies and Organisations that are offering internships can post for free their vacancies and see if the applications they received are suitable for the position that they have opened. Visit the website and check the opportunities that can offer you
  • Stage4You, the right place for those looking for an internship in Europe

Useful information

How to apply

1. Read the call and verify the admission criteria

Carefully read:

2. Application

Apply for the selection procedure via servizionline.

3. Interview

You will have to attend a mandatory interview. You will be selected according to:

  • your curriculum
  • your language skills
  • your learning motivations and which classes you plan to attend when abroad
  • your personal motivations (e.g. your academic interests)

Interview dates

5. Check the rankings

Check if your ranking has been published.

6. Accept the scholarship

If you have been selected, accept the scholarship.

7. Sign the agreement

Read carefully the instructions for signing the Erasmus+ agreement.

Before you leave

Before you leave, check that you have completed the following steps:

  • If you have chosen one of the destinations of the manifesto, check the deadlines and ways to enroll in a foreign university.
  • Copy your identity card or passport (renew if it is about to expire)
  • Check that you have your Health Insurance Card with you and make sure that you have health coverage at your ASL
  • Fill in the Before the mobility part of the Learning Agreement, sign it and have it signed by the UniGe teacher in charge of your Erasmus+ scholarship. Please, read the Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Studies
  • Scan it and send it by email to the contact person of the foreign university and let him countersign
  • Have it returned by email and send it to the help desk

For more information please read the Erasmus+ student kit for traineeship 2019-20.

During the Erasmus+

On your arrival

  • Enrol in the foreign university or register at the partner institution
  • Within 5 days of arrival, have the certificate of arrival filled, stamped and signed sent by the foreign university. Send it to

To modify the Learning Agreement

You have the option to make exceptional changes to the Learning Agreement, filling the During the mobility section. Have the document signed by all responsible persons (partner institution and UniGe) and yourself.

To extend your stay abroad

If you wish to extend your stay abroad beyond the duration provided for in the agreement, you must send to the International Mobility Service the authorisation request with a declaration of the foreign University's willingness to accept the Erasmus+ conditions for the new duration.

Remember the period abroad:

  • may not last more than 12 months (must necessarily end by 30 September of the reference year)
  • there must be no interruption between the period of study already authorised and its extension
  • you will have to justify your extension request filling the During the mobility of the Learning Agreement

You are about to come back

Before returning to Italy, remember to:

  • have your Certificate of Attendance sent from the foreign university to UniGe International Mobility Service or, when you are back, bring the master copy to the UniGe International Mobility Service, Piazza della Nunziata 6 - 2 floor
  • have the After the mobility section of the Learning Agreement filled by the partner institution and sent to the School Internationalisation Office. Have a copy sent to UniGe International Mobility Service (

Once you are back

Conversion of the activities

Once you are back:

  • send a copy of the After the mobility section of the Learning Agreement to the Internationalisation School Office
  • send a copy of it to the head of programme

The head of programme will ask the programme council for:

  • approval of the activities you have done abroad
  • conversion of the activities into ECTS credits

Learn more

International Mobility Service

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Ph. +39 010 2099545 - Fax +39 010 2095012

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to noon
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