Environmental engineering
Master course (2 years)

Graduation days and committees

On this page you can find the graduations days and committees published and updated.

The committee is composed of five faculty members; including the chair. The committee is appointed by the head of department DICCA.

DateCommitteeTime and placeSubmission deadline
27/03/2020Blondeaux P. (chair), Besio G., Bovolenta R., Lepidi M., Podestà S., Sguerso D.

Deputy members:
Solari G. (Presidente), Brencich A., Cattari S., Dassori E., Lanza L., Sburlati R.

Remember to fill in the online application for the degree session by the indicated deadline.

If the number of undergraduates is excessive, the degree exams may begin on the day before the indicated date.

N.B. The graduation sessions of October 2019 - March 2020 are also valid for students enrolled in the new order for the academic year 2019/20.