Robotics engineering
Master course (2 years)

Plan of study

What is the plan of study 

The plan of study is the set of all the exams you must take in order to graduate.

Your plan includes training activities, including:

  • lessons
  • laboratories
  • other activities
  • internships

The sum of the compulsory and optional activities constitutes your plan of study.

Manifesto of studies 

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Degree programme table 

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Fill in the plan of study

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If you are registered and have paid taxes, you can submit your plan of study.

Access the online service with your credentials and complete the plan.

For further information, please read carefully the following documents:


Courses - Plan of study

No, it doesn’t.

Yes, you must take at least one of the two scheduled courses (Italian language for foreign students brief – 4 ECTS – or long – 5 ECTS).

The course is specific to students enrolled in the program.

If in your Learning Agreement you decided to include exclusively courses offered by Robotics Engineering, then we can accept you, otherwise you can select and attend Italian Language courses offered specifically for Erasmus students by the University of Genoa.

Yes, upon submission and approval by the Coordinator and the Teaching Office.

Be sure to ascertain whether your proposed changes produce an allowed study plan, i.e., in terms of credits of the various types.

You will be able to propose your changes within a specific schedule that is communicated each year.