Robotics engineering
Master course (2 years)

Prerequisites assessment

How it works

The verification of the student’s requirements is ascertained by a commission, using a protocol similar to the one used for admission to the European Master on Advanced Robotics EMARO+.
For each candidate the commission will evaluate:

  • Academic potential (grade average, class rank, GPA, etc.): max. 40 points
  • Relevance of the level I degree: max. 10 points
  • Quality of the university which awarded the level I degree: max. 20 points
  • Knowledge of the English language, however, of a level NOT lower than B2: max. 15 points
  • Letter of motivation: max. 5 points
  • Reference letters: max. 5 points (not mandatory)
  • Other aspects of the Curriculum Vitae (other qualifications, work experience, professional qualifications, etc.): max. 5 points

Students who score at least 70 points will be admitted.

There is no specific test other than the evaluation of the student’s career.

Where and when

Send all the requested documents to

The approximate deadline for the academic year 2020-/21 will be May 2020 (for students with foreign degrees).

The last deadline for the enrollment is fixed on December of the first Academic Year.