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This Course aims to train experts that know how to combine the professional and cultural aspects of Hydrography and Oceanography with the most innovative marine environment survey techniques.

It is the only Italian Master’s degree course that prepares experts in hydrography and oceanography in an international environment and conforms with the recognised standards of the International Board of Standards of Competence, FIG/IHO/ICA Hydrographic Surveyor Category A Course.

Learning by doing

  • Analysis, control and management of the natural and man-made environment
  • Direct and remote survey of the environment; management of data networks (Geomatics)
  • Measures of physical size of oceanic water masses, weather-oceanographic numerical models
  • Thematic and nautical cartographic production

Career perspectives

  • Research and education institutes; Regions; Municipalities, Port authorities; Technological parks, Marine hydrographic institute; Hydrological services
  • Maritime engineering businesses, resources, exploration, cable-laying and pipelines, dredging, cartography, environmental monitoring.

At the end of the course an international certificate of completion of the procedures laid down by the Category A Hydrographic Surveyor Course shall be issued. Further career developments are possible in the profession of hydrographer both nationally and internationally.


Freshers 2020/21

Degree type
Master degree
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Environmental and land sciences
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Head of programme
Laura Canesi
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Did you know that...

  • This course combines the cultural and professional aspects of Hydrography and Oceanography with the most innovative marine environment survey techniques
  • It is the only Italian Master's course that prepares environmental hydrographic specialists according to the standards of the international Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
  • Holders of this Master's degree can compete to attain the Class A 'Hydrographic Surveyor' licence.


The sea, a new perspective

The Course aims to train Environmental Science (LM75) specialists with specific skills in the maritime environment. These skills are especially addressed to the physical environment with particular reference to:

  • hydrography for deep sea, coastal and port area management
  • thematic and nautical cartography
  • oceanographic measuring and modelling physical processes

In the perspective of a more efficient bridge with labour market demands and the different public and private territorial realities.

The Master’s degree holder will acquire Hydrography and Oceanography competencies also through:

  • the use of innovative techniques for direct and remote measurement
  • embarking experience on oceanographic nautical vessels laid down by the teaching organisation
  • work experience in institutions and companies.

Through Geomatic tools the degree holder will be able to manage networks of complex data which are fundamental tools for planning and management of the maritime territory, coasts and inland waters.

The 3 phases

  • Theoretical-practical lessons in which students acquire basic knowledge with particular reference to the coastal maritime and deep sea environments.
  • In-depth study of operational Oceanography, GIS and electronic cartography, remote sensing, hydrography for coastal and coastal engineering works management
  • Field and onboard work on naval crafts to acquire survey and sampling techniques as well as techniques to efficiently handle data/samples.


Head of programme

L a
Welcome to the Master's Course in Hydrography and Oceanography.

Laura Canesi
Head of Programme

This Master's course, which is unique in Italy, is held in close collaboration with the Marine Institute of Hydrography and will enable students to get to know a different environment to that of the university. The Master's Course in Hydrography and Oceanography aims to train professional Master's degree holders in environmental sciences to combine the cultural and professional aspects of Oceanography (geology, chemistry and biology) with the most innovative techniques for surveying the maritime physical environment. Students will acquire competencies in geology, chemistry, ecology, geophysics, geodesy, remote sensing and GIS and will produce and manage complex networks of data according to recognised international standards for the study and Hydrography of the maritime environment and inland waters. The course is the only national course at a Master's level that prepares hydrographic specialists of the maritime environment according to the standards of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the International Cartographic Association (ICA). Degree holders will attain a certificate necessary to complete the procedures of the international standard FIG/ICA/IHO Category A Hydrographic Surveyor Course.    

Where to find us

The course is mainly held in:

Corso Europa 26, 16132 Genova

and in

IIM - l'Istituto idrografico della Marina Militare 
Passo dell'osservatorio 4
16134 Genova
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Francesca Rossi

Course Director of the Marine Hydrographic Institute
Capitano di Vascello Massimiliano Nannini, Marine Hydrographic Institute Deputy Director