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Graduates career advising

Writing your CV

Your CV is a personal and professional presentation of a job seeker, and its preparation requires special effort and attention.

Remember that the goal is to present your skills and qualifications clearly and effectively.

AlmaLaurea CV

The resume that you completed on AlmaLaurea before graduating is available, in partial and anonymous form, to companies.

Companies, after registration, will be able to access your complete profile and contact you directly.

For this reason, we recommend that you keep your CV updated on AlmaLaurea.

europass CV

The europass platform is provided by EU to help you present your skills and qualifications effectively and clearly. You may:

Job check-in

The CV you wrote on the AlmaLaurea databank when applying for your final exam is going to be available for companies on Job check-in, the UniGe platform for job search/offer.

If you are interested in participating, keep in mind that you should:

  • give consent for the use of data
  • keep your CV up-to-date
  • make sure that you notify if you belong to any minority group

You may also use Job check-in to look for internships.

Recurring events

La laurea in azienda

The event La laurea in azienda is organized to bring together graduates and candidate graduates with companies.

During the event, companies are invited to:

  • present their reality
  • illustrate the job profiles required
  • carry out internship and recruitment interviews

Usually the event takes place once a semester. The exact date and program will be announced in the News section.

This event is organized by the Department of Mathematics.

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