Energy Engineering
Master degree

Final project

What it is

For admission to the master's degree exam you must have obtained all the credits required by the teaching regulation of your degree course.

The final test consists in the presentation and discussion, in front of the designated Degree Commission, of the activities carried out during the development of the thesis.

The thesis consists in a monographic study and the writing of a related report.

The thesis:

  • is elaborated autonomously under the guidance of one or more thesis tutor
  • must have originality characteristics
  • can be based on experimental activities, numerical or theoretical ones
  • can be carried out at the Department Laboratories, with companies or other bodies both public or private, at a national or international level.

How to 

If you're a graduate, you have to:

  1. Choose your graduation session
  2. Deposit the title of the thesis
  3. Fill in the online degree application
  4. Fill in the online AlmaLaurea questionnaire
  5. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  6. Fill in the evaluation questionnaire of your course of study.

Before to fill in the degree application:

  1. Check that you are in order with the payment of taxes
  2. Pay the stamp duty of ‚ā¨ 16 for the issuance of the degree (payable through the online services - payment of taxes and contributions)
  3. Verify that you have all exams and other activities
  4. Check that they're all marked on your online career.


You can download the recommended Template for writing En2 and En3 thesis. The same manuscript example is available as pdf.

Post redaction step is related to thesis manuscript upload at DidatticaDime web site (instructions in Italian, translation in progress).

Thesis tutor must fill the Traineeship Declaration for the award of the ECTS credits related to the student traineeship activity.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation of the final test by the commission will be by attributing an increase, variable from 0 to 6 points:

  • 4 points related to the Final Test
  • 2 points related to the peculiarities of the thesis work (methodological originality and relevance of the results) and related to your career

1 point can be attributed if you studied abroad with recognition of training credits.

The final test is passed if you have obtained a vote of not less than 66/100 points.

Pick up your degree certificate

To pick up your graduation certificate you have to go to the reception at UniGe World, via Balbi 40/42r - ground floor, Tuesday and Thursday- 9 am to 2 pm.

If you cannot show up in person, you can delegate a trusted person with a letter, attaching a photocopy of your identity document.